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Our company The Grant Group Supports many special interests. Within its mission to assist the development and growth of your businesses. We cater financial services for companies that require working capital for expansion, operations or re-financing. We finance minimum of 100 Million US Dollar and up to 10B.


Wealth and investment opportunities need to be discovered. And in the boundless financial world, it takes an unparalleled sense of vision to bring the unseen prospects to surface. At The Grant Group, we understand this perfectly. That's why we have always been dedicated to bringing you a deeper understanding of the world, navigating your course with our strong international experience.


Our Products & Services


  • Financing
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Offshore Banking




Financial Services' mission is to deliver only the highest quality products and services to our global customers. Our Financial service provides research, investment banking, brokerage and trading services. We also provide services for investors seeking dynamic high growth companies as well as institutional and high net-worth investors.


Starting and managing a business takes motivation and talent. It also takes research and planning. Take time beforehand to explore and evaluate your business and personal goals. Developing a business plan will force you to think through some important issues that you may not otherwise consider. Your plan will become a valuable tool as you set out to raise money for your business, and it will provide milestones to gauge your success.


We understand the business of running a professional practice and the capital investment that required. Our financing program will reach your goal. We understand the importance of practices cash flow and evaluate your business on that basis.


Let us work with you to develop a financing program with the best terms to meet your cash flow needs.


Whether you're starting a business or expanding one, sufficient ready capital is essential. But it is not enough to simply have sufficient financing; knowledge and planning are required to manage it well. These qualities ensure that entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes like securing the wrong type of financing, miscalculating the amount required, or underestimating the cost of borrowing money.


Bank Instrument Lending


Clean clear tradable bank instruments are available by major international banks, assigned directly in your name. The provision of a project, commercial, balance sheet or credit enhancement bank instrument is assigned in the personal or corporate name of the applicant, as specified and agreed by the contract/agreement.


The bank instrument is made available as an enhancement instrument only.


The applicant/borrower may assign the rights to use the instrument (the ownership will not be transferred). However, the borrower is not permitted to sell or discount the instrument without written permission.


If the applicant/borrower wishes to do so, arrangements can be made with the banks in line with banking rules and regulations during any time of the validity of the bank instrument.


If the applicant/borrower will use the lent instrument as collateral, the borrower’s bank must undertake, by SWIFT, the irrevocable commitment to return the instrument unencumbered, free and clear of any debts or claim.


Bank instrument/collateral is offered in the form of a certificate of debt such as a medium term note (MTN), bank guarantee (BG), standby letter of credit (SBLC), bond or CD.


Transactions from a minimum amount of USD or EUR 50.000.000 are acceptable immediately, subject to approval of the applicant/borrower, the availability of applicant/borrower funds and on a first come, first served basis. The applicant/borrower has the possibility to extend the leasing period for up to 5 years, paying the service fee yearly, fifteen days before the maturity date. We reserve the right to accept or reject any incomplete documentation or unprofessional email communication. The above-mentioned details are for information purposes only and are not to be considered a solicitation of funds or to sell securities or other commodities.


Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC)


We work in close cooperation with several commercial and investment banks including financial service institutions that can issue bank guarantees and standby letters of credit (BG/SBLC).


A Standby letter of credit or Guarantee is an undertaking to pay in the event of default. A bank guarantee is issued from a lending bank (institution) ensuring that the liabilities of its customer (debtor) will be met. A bank guarantee can be utilized by the customer (debtor) to acquire goods, commodities, machineries, equipment, or simply get a loan against it.


Standby letter of credit is used as "payment of last resort" should the client fail to fulfill a contractual obligation for goods or services delivered by a counter party. Standby letters of credit are issued as a sign of financial reliability and good faith in business transactions.


Standby letters of credit and Guarantees can be written in a number of different ways, allowing them to be applied to many different types of transactions.


Generally, we arrange the timely issuance of the following instruments at fairly reasonable fees:


  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Demand Guarantees
  • POF messages
  • Pre Advice Message
  • Comfort Letters
  • Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages


For the issuance of the above instruments, we do not ask for collaterals, escrow deposits or such funds that may affect our customer’s cash flow.


We are responsive to our client’s queries. As soon as we receive the completed application form for issuance of an instrument, we promptly provide the initial draft (text verbiage) for approval by the client and/or its beneficiary. The time line for the whole process is usually not more than five banking days.


Two types of financing


Equity - The most common source of professional equity funding comes from venture capitalists, major financial institutions. Different venture capitalists have different approaches to management of the business in which they invest. They generally prefer to influence a business passively, but will react when a business does not perform as expected and may insist on changes in management or strategy. Relinquishing some of the decision-making and some of the potential for profits are the main disadvantages of equity financing.


Debt financing - there is many sources for debt financing- banks, savings and loans, commercial finance companies. Traditionally, banks have been the major source of small business funding. In addition to equity considerations, lenders commonly require the borrower's personal guarantees in case of default. This ensures that the borrower has a sufficient personal interest at stake to give paramount attention to the business.  






Insurance is an important part of a complete financial. Insurance is the only financial product that does not require time to mature; its there for you and for your family.


We can assist you and making it easier to guide you through the many insurance products. Like it or not, insurance and protection planning are the utmost importance. You need to protect yourself and your family from the consequences of the unexpected, no matter in the world you are.


Insurance planning is a strategic tool in your financial plan and an essential estate planning device.


There are many reasons for buying life insurance.  If you're the primary wage earner in the family, life insurance is a good way to help provide your family with a stable financial future. If you aren't the primary wage earner in your family, it's important to have insurance to help cover the financial burden of childcare, and other unforeseen costs. 


While it's difficult to face our own mortality, planning for it can ease the burden our loved ones will face later.  When we can assist you in choosing a life insurance company. We can help you determine which insurance might best serve you, your family and all that you value.




Investment Management


In today's investment banking world, you need to achieve results faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. Every decision counts and every minute matters.


We are committed to helping you live your dream. And whether your dreams are small or grand, our team will create simple and straightforward wealth management strategies that will help you achieve them. Our unique processes make it easy for you to realize your life priorities and take advantage of our comprehensive, tailor-made financial solutions.


Investment Area:


  • Investment in a lease of real property, purchase of condominium, subdivision house and lots, exclusive membership shares and time shares, purchase of a condominium unit, long –term lease of a parcel of land or house and lot. We offer range a complete range of business operations and services to serve all our clients real state needs from marketing and sales to property management and construction and development.
  • Purchase of golf share or membership or gain access to the World Class Resort Clubs.
  • Investment in a new corporation or existing corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including shares traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Subscription of shares of stocks in a non-traded Philippine Corporation.




Retirement Planning


The earlier you begin your retirement planning the more money you can receive from your retirement plan. It is never too late to begin saving for retirement .


Retirement planning should be a priority throughout your adult life if you want to avoid financial problems as your career winds down and you move out of the work force. Making good retirement planning decisions and forming effective strategies early in life will insure a smooth transition later on.


We provide retirement planning services giving a realistic view of your retirement in the future and insight as to how your Money and investment will perform. Retirement planning involves setting aside enough money during one's working years to provide income during retirement. A simple concept, but a complicated activity.


Retirement Opportunity


Our company offers and provides the best retirement services for your


Outsourcing destination. Consider and experience a more convenient place to stay, tropical country with a warm and friendly people the Paradise Island Philippines. Our Retirement program was created to offer retirees and seniors an affordable and alternative traditional home. A home where you can afford to live comfortably and maintain independence and dignity. A place where you keep your lifestyle without losing your style of living.




Offshore Banking


Our company, The Grant Group facilitates a vast array of business and banking services, helping corporations and business entrepreneurs across the world. Our success has been based on the development of in depth expertise and resources, including professional trustees whose integrity and knowledge, excellent service to clients located in all corners of the world.


The Grant Group has the experience and expertise with to help you enjoy all the benefits of “GOING OFFSHORE” . We are professional intermediaries to International Banks & financial institutions specializing in secure personal and corporate banking and financial resources.


We provide opportunity to quickly and easily establish these offshore banking facilities, companies trust and the like, with our assistance, we working with the biggest bank; we can help you to create bank facility and other financial instruments.


We have considerable experience in establishing and managing companies and trusts in most jurisdictions and will assist in selecting the jurisdiction which best suits our client's requirements.


The Grant Group is dedicated to developing continuity in its relationship with clients through excellent service, objective advice and uncompromising professionalism.


Our company services:


  • We are able to advice on the establishment of trusts and can assist in the preparation of a suitable deed, whether this is for lifetime dispositions or by will. We provide professional trustees who have the integrity and depth of experience, which is essential for the orderly and efficient, conduct the trust.
  • We are able to advise and assist with all matters relating to the establishment of the companies.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of specialist services for private individuals , trust funds and pension funds.
  • We believe that banking is about relationship. We know that our clients are unique with differing circumstances, needs and expectations and we tailor our service accordingly.
  • Our aim is to provide clients with quality service and better value, in terms of personal service and individual attention.
  • We are committed to providing a level of service quality and efficiency that is often no longer available from many of our larger competitors.


Our exclusive offshore jurisdictions include;






JERSEY is a dependent territory of the English Crown, but it is not part of the United Kingdom.


The Island enjoys a high degree of political and economic stability and excellent communications with Europe and the rest of the world .” The Island also has a high standard of international telecommunications, postal and courier services catering for the special needs of the finance industry.


The Island has its own independent government and complete autonomy in all domestic and fiscal matters.


Jersey has no capital gains, estate or inheritance taxes, and non-residents (and non-residents beneficiaries) suffer no income tax, whether on overseas investment income or deposit interest arising in Jersey. There is no value added tax or other form of sales tax.




The standard rate of income tax in Jersey is 20% and has remained unaltered for over half a century. Companies incorporated in Jersey are governed by the Companies (Jersey) Law.


- Exempt companies
- International Business Companies
- Income Tax Companies
- Foreign Incorporated Investment Companies




A trust is an ancient concept founded in Anglo-Saxon common law jurisdictions. It may be defined as an arrangement whereby an individual (the settlor or grantor_ transfers assets owned by him/her to another (the trustee) who then holds and manages them for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries). Whilst legal title to the assets passes to the trustee he/she is not the beneficial owner and holds the assets on behalf of the beneficiaries.




  • Fixed Interest Trust
  • Accumulation and Maintenance Trust
  • Discretionary Trust
  • Purpose Trusts




Guernsey is an autonomous, English speaking jurisdiction in the English Channel with a population of 60,000. It is situated thirty miles west of the Cherbourg peninsula and eighty miles from the south coast of England.


The Island has a long history of economical also and political stability, with its own legislature and democratic government. It has preserved its fiscal autonomy for over 900 years.


Whilst being a dependency of the British Crown, the Channel Islands are part of neither the United Kingdom nor the European Union, although defense and foreign affairs are handled by the UK.


Guernsey has developed into one of the premier offshore financial centers, with many of the world's major banks, accounting firms, captive insurers and fund management groups established in the Island.


Financial services - banking, fund management, insurance - account for about 55% of total income in this tiny, prosperous Channel Island economy. Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture, mainly tomatoes and cut flowers, have been declining. Light tax and death duties make Guernsey a popular tax haven. The evolving economic integration of the EU nations is changing the environment under which Guernsey operates.


Offer an attentive and responsive style of service that is increasingly difficult to obtain from larger, often impersonal financial institutions. Uphold traditional values of service excellence and integrity, which means that their assets are in safe hand.




The Isle of Man is a wonderful place of beauty and history, which lies in the Irish Sea between the United Kingdom and Ireland. Tourists visiting the Isle of Man will discover a wide range of events and attractions. The island has everything from steam and electric trains to rock climbing and swimming sharks. Every year thousands of motorcyclists flock to the Isle of Man to experience the excitement of TOURIST TROPHY RACES, the highest speed motorcycle race on public roads.


There is a wealth of Manx history from the Celtics to the Vikings. Settlements, castles, and crosses mark the Isle of Man's long history. Whatever the interest or age, there is something for everyone on the Isle of Man.


The booming economy of the Isle of Man is largely due to the success of the financial services industry - the largest sector on the island. The main activities of the sector include deposit-taking, asset protection and management, packaged investments such as unit trusts, life assurance and also corporate management. Markets for these services are worldwide. Regulation of the finance sector in the Isle of Man is carried out by the Financial Supervision Commission and the Insurance and Pensions Authority.


The majority of banks in the Isle of Man are engaged in providing private banking services to expatriates of the United Kingdom and to foreign nationals. The services offered by banks often extend beyond deposit taking to establishing and administering trusts and managing the underlying companies and assets held by those trusts, including investment management.


The growth in other areas of the Island's finance sector including captive insurance, life assurance, collective investment schemes, investment management and ship management means that these organizations have sums of money to lay off in the money markets and increasingly will require investment management services. Some banks also act as custodians and trustees to collective investment schemes.


Offshore banking, manufacturing, and tourism are key sectors of the economy . The government's policy of offering incentives to high-technology companies and financial institutions to locate on the island has paid off in expanding employment opportunities in high-income industries.


Today the island finds its economy mainly based around financial services. Agriculture and fishing still prove a valued asset, as do other smaller industries.


The Isle of Man strives to look ahead and plan its future to include the best of modern technology. In 2001, the Isle of Man reached a higher GDP per capita then the United Kingdom. This was a great boost to the island's image. Years of reduced taxation, low unemployment (less then 1%), and high cash reserves had paid off.


The island was making its way into the books of successful economies. Added to its success were e-commerce ventures. One of which secured many world leaders in online gaming. The island also saw itself competing in the race for 3G (third generation telephones) against world leaders like Japan. It now has the second 3G networks in the world. The Isle of Man economy has evolved from its humble beginnings and has yet to reach its full potential.




Money is a medium of exchange and a standard of value in other words, a way to quantity how much something is worth.


Foreign exchange simply means exchanging the currency of one country for an equivalent amount of the currency of another. Foreign exchange rates are not static, but change dynamically sometimes many times within a single minute.


Currency Trading refers to the buying and selling or world currencies on foreign exchange markets. There are many advantages to trading currency including: no commission, 24 hour trading and smaller investment.


Currency Trading Basics:


All currency trades involve the buying of one currency and the selling of another, simultaneously. Currency quotes are given as exchange rates that is the value of one currency relative to another. The relative supply and demand of both currencies will determine the value of the exchange rate.


When a currency trader places a trade he wants the currency purchased to appreciate in value versus the currency sold. His ability to determine the direction that the exchange rate will move, will dictate his gain or loss in a trade.





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