The Grant Group is an industrial consultant organization dedicated to provide its services to serious investors. We work within the global arena providing services for clients with variable demands, in most sectors of the business and industry. The Grant Group was founded in 1968 by a visionary businessman, built on the foundation of accuracy and committed to help customers. We succeed by structuring tailor made business solutions to fit the unique interests of our clients.


The Grant Group shall assist individual or corporate entrepreneurs and industrialist with information regarding any business situation. We work with clients around the world and we have many options and opportunities available for you. Our business advisory team provides comprehensive and authorative consulting services to our potential clients.


Placement Program :


Whether you own a business or represent a public or privately held company, we have the resources and experience that can help your company meet its financial goals, whether you need to raise capital via a traditional private equity offering, a private debt placement or a PIPE (private investment in public entity) transaction.


Before making a specific recommendation on the solution that best fits your business's needs, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business' strategy, competitive situation and financial needs. Once we fully understand your situation, we'll customize a structure and transaction to match your company's needs and capabilities.


In order to be given serious consideration, each applicant must provide the documents specified below. This is the only process by which prospective client can meaningfully establish his personal credentials and financial qualifications. To qualify the applicant, the following documents are required.


  • Bank proof of funds
  • Enlarged laser copy of his/her passport
  • Notarized letter of intent
  • Non-solicitation Letter
  • Notarized Corporate Resolution (if the funds are in corporate name)


Specimen/sample formats of the above documents shall be provided on request after receiving the proof of fund.


The physical quality of the above documents must be clean and absolutely clear and legible. The originals will have to be submitted via DHL or FedEx. Fax copies must be transmitted without reduction so that they can be read easily as the originals.


Top world banks (Money Center Banks) are authorized to issue blocks of debt instruments like Bank Purchase Orders (BPO), Promissory Bank Notes or Mid Terms Notes (MTN), Zero Coupon Bonds (Zeros), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC), Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Debenture Instruments (BDI) under International Chamber of Commerce guidelines (ICC-500 & 600).


The ICC is the regulatory body for the World's Great Money Center Banks and is based in Paris , France . It has existed for more than 100 years, and exerts strict control on the world banking procedures.


The U.S. Federal Reserve is a very important member, but unlike most other central banks, operates independently of the ICC, and as a result, the vast majority of U.S citizens have not been made aware of the money making opportunities already available for years to qualified European Investors through ICC affiliated banks.


Today's programs require no capital investment. The participant bank has to be a well-known international bank, acceptable to program manager. If this is not the case, the participant has an open account to whom the program manager can work, most often the trading bank. This bank will be a major international money center bank. The participant funds remain during the entire transaction in the account of the participant, at the participant bank and under participant full signatory control. The only person who can remove value from the account is the participant himself / herself. Under no circumstances shall this account be subject to third party powers of attorney, hypothecation or outside interests of any description, whatsoever.


We will be happy to answer questions and provide additional information to interested, qualified parties only. Those who cannot provide Proof of Funds need not inquire.





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