Sun Power Panel

We have the capacity to manufacture and supply Sun Power Panel from 40Mw – 60Mw a year and we have many factories in China and India as well as  for (PV) Photovoltaic Solar Modules, Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline.  Our products are Certified IEC 61215 and TUV with 25 years guarantee.

We can supply sizes as follows;

    -    2W  – 280 W :
    -    160W – 180 W : 1580 x 808 x 46 mm
    -    200W – 220 W : 1450 x 980 x 35 mm
    -    260W – 280 W : 1930 x 980 x 46 mm

Our aims is to provide the best quality products and services, reliability, longevity and are built into our World-Class Photovoltaic (PV) Solar modules, which undergo tests and external certifications to  ensure peak performance and safety.

For request of quotation please provide the following:


  • Complete LOI (Letter of Intent) signed and stamped on the buyers letter head with complete information.
  • Size of Sun Panel, total and monthly volume, port of destination.
  • Additional information which supports your claim that you are a direct buyer or a legitimate buyer mandate / intermediary.
  • You, or your buyer, are willing to comply with seller’s procedures including the submission of the Bank Comfort letter (BCL) if requested.


For more information download the following pdf files:






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