Mission and Vision


The Grant Group aims to make available top quality products and services in the areas deemed essential to human survival in this age of global economy - Petroleum, Shipping, Marine & Offshore Services, Oil Drilling Platforms, Offshore Shuttle Tankers, Bulkers and Deep-Water Offshore Drilling Vessels, Fertilizer, Cement, Retirement Program, Cabin & Housing, Herbal Medicine and Food Supplements, Manufacturing, Salmon Products, Salmon Crude and Refined Oil, Foreign Currency Trading, Offshore Banking and Financial Consulting.


By building on TRUST as our major asset that will never be compromised, we will continue providing both suppliers and customers peace of mind that their transaction will push through, protected by our experience, influence and reputation.


In our 48 years of operation there has never been one incident nor single complaint about us not delivering our promised product or service as agreed. We intend to keep this reputation.


Through our network, we will provide customers legal access to supply information never before available.




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