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We have in our control allocation 60 million barrels per month x 12 months of Jet Fuel JP-54 in one single contract. Authorized purchasing agents or officers of airline companies may please get in touch with us directly. This is a very serious offer with a BIG OPPORTUNITY to get jet fuel at a good discount.


US$80 million has been reserved for the required Performance Bond for this contract. Proof of Product is also ready to be transmitted to buyer's bank on bank-to-bank basis after we have received your Pre-Advice LC.


Please write us an email with your buying company's name, legal address and contact numbers, E-Mail and Skype address. Please indicate your name, designation, and direct contact number. In your E-Mail you need to declare that:


  • Your company is the direct or end-buyer and you are authorized to transact in behalf of your company.
  • You are ready, willing and able financially to undertake the deal.
  • Upon signing the contract you are prepared to open a pre-advice LC within 24 hours. The POP shall be transmitted bank-to-bank within 7 days.


We have the goods. We have the Proof of Product. We have Performance Bond to back up this contract. Please write to us immediately. First-come first-served.


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