Our company The Grant Group offers and provides the best retirement services for your outsourcing destination. Consider and experience a more convenient place to stay, tropical country with a warm and friendly people the Paradise Island Philippines . Our Retirement program was created to offer retirees and seniors an affordable an alternative traditional home. A home where they can afford to live comfortably and maintain their independence and dignity. A place where you keep your lifestyle without losing your style of living.



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Promoting the highest quality of life through exceptional care and services is our top priority.


  • Special Resident Retiree Visa Program (SRRV)






  • Subscription of shares of stock in existing corporation registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission, including shares traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
  • Long-term lease of a parcel of land or house and lot.
  • Construction of a residential unit on a leased parcel of land
  • Purchase proprietary shares in golf clubs
  • As part of our global service we can help you gain access to the Worlds class resort clubs where you can have great and quality time
  • Internationally evolve into one of the world's most influential service organization the ROTARY.




(SRRV) Special Resident Retirees Visa


A multiple entry visa privilege and the right to reside permanently in the country. Specially designed for those who wish to live in the Philippines on an extended permanent basis.


It is a lifestyle visa for those who enjoy the perks and privileges, a hassle free visa for frequent business traveler, and a retirement visa for the elderly who need special care for their needs.


Benefits of (SRRV) Special Resident Retirees Visa


  • Permanent non-immigrant status with multiple entry privileges.
  • Exemption from customs duties and taxes for the importation of personal effects, appliances and household furniture worth U.S. $ 7,000.
  • Exemption from Exit clearance and Re-Entry permits.
  • Exemption from payment of travel tax provided the retiree has not stayed in the Philippines for more than one year from the date of the latest entry into the country.
  • Conversion of the required time deposit to active investments, including the purchase of condominium units and proprietary golf membership shares.
  • Foreign currency time deposit can be converted to Philippine Peso deposit after the issuance of SRRV Visa (interest subject to withholding tax)
  • Pension and annuities remitted to the Philippine are tax-free.
  • Guaranteed repatriation of the requisite deposit, including invested profits, capital gains and dividends accrued from investments upon compliance with Bangko Sentral Rules and regulations.
  • Holders of valid SRR Visas are exempted from getting the student's Visa/ Special Study permit.


Requirements and Qualifications


  • Citizenship/Age Requirements
    : Foreign nationals who are holders of foreign passport are eligible, provided they are already 35 years old.


Documentary Requirements


  • Accomplished SRRV Application Form
  • Original valid passport
  • Department of Foreign Affairs Medical Examination Form accomplished by a licensed physician abroad, translated into English (if applicable) and duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or Medical Certificate accomplished by a licensed physician in the Philippines.
  • Police clearance issued abroad, translated into English (if applicable) and duly authenticated by the Philippine embassy /consulate or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance issued in the Philippines.
  • 1x1 and 2x2 photographs (6 pieces each)
  • If the spouse is joining the applicant, Original of the Marriage Certificate or Marriage Contract translated into English (if applicable) and duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate nearest the applicants residence if marriage was contracted abroad. If marriage was solemnized in the Philippines , original copy of the Marriage Certificate.




  1. Duly accomplished SRRV application form
  2. Original Passport with valid entry status
  3. Medical Examination clearance (may be accredited clinic manila)
  4. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance from the Philippines or clearance from the applicant's police authorities.
  5. 6 pieces of 1x1 and 6 pieces and service fee
  6. Marriage Certificate




  1. Duly accomplished SRRV Application Form.
  2. Original Passport with Valid Entry Status
  3. Medical Examination Clearance (may be obtained from accredited clinic in Manila.
  4. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance from the Philippines or clearance from the applicant's police authority's- for dependents 18-21 years.
  5. 6 pieces of 1x1 and 6 pieces 2x2 pictures
  6. Birth Certificate


Securing the following requirements such as:


  • Medical Examination Clearance accredited clinic;
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance (in lieu of the police clearance from the applicant's home country);
  • Extension of Temporary Visitor's Visa;
  • Downgrading of the other visas to Temporary Visitor's Visa.
  • Following-up the status of remitted dollar deposit; and
  • Authentication of documents obtained abroad.


* In lieu of the Marriage or Birth Certificates:


  • Family Register / Domicile (for Koreans)
  • Household register for (Taiwanese)
  • Certificate of Relationship (for P. R. O. C. Chinese)


Once you have decided to invest in the Philippines , we can assist the following:


  • Pre-processing of the application for the conversion of the dollar time deposit into an investment;
  • Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
  • Annotation of the company restriction on the title representing the investment with the Register of Deeds (RD);
  • Transactions with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR); and
  • Approval of the investment application within three (3) days.


NOTE: For all enquiries relating on completing and submitting applications please contact us by E-Mail or by phone, please refer to our contact details in our website.  We are very glad to provide you with guidance and assistance.




Facts about Philippines


Philippines is known for the name “Pearl of the Orient” the archipelago is made up of 7,107 islands. Blessed with abundant natural resources, the islands are known for their pristine sandy beaches and ancient rice terraces.


The culture of the Philippines is one of the most unique diverse among the nations in Southeast Asia. A starting point for understanding modern Filipino culture is a review of the accomplishments of the citizens given the country's highest recognition for their contributions to the cultural heritage of the country.


They have been recognized for their contributions to architecture, dance, film, literature, music, theater and the visual arts. This country has a wide variety of places and enjoy, from the mountains to the beaches and from the mainland to the islands you will enjoy the country in all extensions.


Recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites:


* Historic Town of Vigan
* Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
* Banaue Rice Terraces
* Tubbatha Reef Marine Park


Strategically, Philippine archipelago lies 120 degrees East between the 5th and the 20th parallels; Southeast of Hong Kong and East of Thailand and Vietnam. Philippine time is 8 hours ahead of London, Reykjavik; 7 hours of Amsterdam, Geneva, Madrid and Oslo.


Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, enabling its manpower to have a unique edge over neighboring countries in terms of labor quality. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, its strategic location makes it a critical entry point to some 500 million people in Asean Market-offering vast trade opportunities- and an ideal base for business.


Philippines is the best Asian country in terms of overall quality of expatriate life, considering its cultural compatibility with expatriates, housing, sporting and recreational facilities, quality healthcare, and first rate educational institutions.


Philippines have a lot to offer as well in terms of natural resources. It’s amazing biodiversity affords abundant species of flora and fauna. Land-wise, it is also among the biggest producers of copper and gold in the world. The Philippines has a strong sector in electronics and computers which represent 2/3 of total exports. Imports mainly concern electronic parts that are assembled and then exported, foods and commodities, and oil.


It has been speculated that the Philippines is Asia’s new BIG investment hub. The country is also entertaining special tax credits for foreign investor liaison.         


In the Philippines, religion plays almost a daily role in the lives of its citizen, regardless of belief or affiliation. More than 90% of the people are Christian; most were converted and Westernized to varying degrees during nearly 400 years of Spanish and American rule.


Population growth is 1.873% (2012 estimate) Luzon is the largest Island group accounts for more than a half of the entire population. The Philippine population for 2012 reached 92 million. As a whole is responsive to a leadership that has shown a capacity to solve fundamental, endenmic problems.


Despite the global economic challenges, the Philippines remain bullish as far as creating an ideal climate for both existing and potential investors. Part of the overall effort to achieve this goal is to provide relevant and updated information to local and foreign businessmen.


The Economic situation here in the Philippines is different from the other country in Asian because Philippines were the first country recovered after financial crisis.


The currency in the Philippines is the Peso (PhP) and the Centavo. 100 centavos = P1. Coin denominations are: 1, 5, 10, and 25 centavos, P1, and P5. Bill denominations are : 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1, 000 pesos.


Philippines have a temperature climate seasons such as: March to May is hot, beautiful and dry, June to October is sometimes rainy and November to February is cool approximately 28°C. Average temperature is: 78° F / 25°C to 90° F / 32° C; humidity is 77%.


ANTI-SMOKING LAW in Enclosed Places, etc.


MANILA, Philippines -- Section five of the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 (Republic Act 9211) prohibits the carrying of any lighted tobacco product in public vehicles, schools, health centers, elevators, cinemas, malls and in places where fire hazards are present. Smoking is also banned in recreational facilities for minors. Fines imposed on violators of this section range from P500 to P10,000.





Philippine Tourism makes history, breaks record foreign tourist arrivals at 3.917 million visitors in 2011


Helped by gains in all regional markets, the Philippines eclipsed the previous 3.52-million record for foreign visitors set in 2010 with 3.917 million visitors last year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) reports.


“When the industry exceeds expectations as it had done last year, we feel very encouraged. And with the overwhelming response to our new brand campaign launched last month, we know that we have broken ground on crowd sourcing. The people’s campaign will help bring more numbers,” said Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr. Even before the new campaign was launched, the initiatives taken by former Tourism Secretary Albert Lim during his tenure have likewise contributed to this milestone.


Thus, for the first time in the history of Philippine tourism, total visitor arrivals in the country in 2011 reached 3.917 million -- 11.28% higher than the 3.520 million posted in 2010 and also surpasses by 4.6% DOT’s 2011 target visitor arrivals of 3.7 million. The country capped 2011 with 394,567 tourists arriving in December, strongest among all months last year. But November proved to be the biggest gainer, improving 19.80% from the same month in 2010 with 337,021 visitors. Ten out of the twelve months last year saw figures north of 300,000. The 2011 figure also includes returning overseas Filipinos, who numbered 207,152.


East Asia continued to lead all regional markets with 1,837,681 arrivals, 46.91% of the entire number last year. Korea repeated as the strongest single market with 925,204 arrivals for a 23.62% share of all visitor volume. Elsewhere in the region, Japan (375,496 visitors, 9.59% share), China (243,137, 6.21%) and Taiwan (181,738, 4.64%) ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th among all individual markets respectively, while Hong Kong’s 112,106 visitors were good for 9th place.


China and Taiwan were the greatest gainers, up 29.71% and 27.58% from 2010, respectively Visitors from the US, the Philippines’ second-largest tourist market, totaled 624,527 for 15.94% of all tourist traffic. Australia and Canada experienced double-digit growth to 170,736 and 117,423 arrivals, 6th and 9th most among all countries.


Meanwhile, Singapore and Malaysia provided the majority of the 331,672 visitors from ASEAN, with which the Philippines expects greater integration in tourism following the 15th Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers in Manado, Indonesia last month. Northern and Western Europe posted near-identical numbers after modest growth with 164,205 and 157,265 arrivals, respectively. Emerging markets India and Russia continued their rapid ascent, improving 23.89% and 37.86% from 2010 numbers to 42,844 and 20,185 visitors, respectively. The Middle East also remained robust, registering 55,829 arrivals for a 14.60% climb.


With the full rollout of the new “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” international campaign of last April, Secretary Jimenez remains confident of achieving another record-breaking year. “Our marketing resource has grown exponentially because of other people’s contributions in kind. We will continue to build on these positive energies to attract 4.2 million this year,” the Secretary enthused.





Popular Destinations


Manila is the capital of Philippines and it is the premier gateway to many islands, the tourist destination North and South. Addition to scenery, a trip to the Philippines is made memorable by the fun loving Filipinos, whose hospitality is legendary.






Makati City is the premier business District of the country and aspirations of many business people. It is the center of arts and culture, the seat of government, industrial, commercial and business hub of the nation. It offers the visitor a uniqueness that can be found in practically every facet of life.





Baguio City 1500 meters above sea level, a cool Mountain retreat know as the summer capital of the Philippines with a temperature between 14°C to 18°C.







Palawan Island Described as the last frontier it is popular for its white sandy beach, crystal clear blue water it is in fact the most visited tourist spot in the Philippines for its unspoilt nature. See the famous Underground river reputed to be the worlds longest subterranean river with cathedral chambers, wide hallways and interesting geologic formations are to be found.






Boracay Island Located at the northwest tip of Panay . It is about 340 kms South of Manila.Boracay has experience from worldwide fame and being declared the best beach destination in the world by the British Tourist Authority. It is the perfect gateway with its warm blue waters. The sand is exceptionally white, soft, never gets hot, and a 4 kilometers stretch of each lined with tropical warm trees.





Some of Popular Golf and Country Clubs


Eastridge Golf Course (Binangonan Rizal)

Two man-made lagoons, one in the front nine spanning 1.3 hectares and the other at the back nine at 2.3 hectares, are the most distinct features of these 80-hectare 18-hole par 72 courses.



Forest Hills Golf and Country Club
( Cogeo Antipolo City )

With a 74.7 course rating, this course characterized by rolling terrain at the front nine and a moderately hilly back nine, poses many possible difficulties for the average golfer.



Luisita Golf and Country Club (Hacienda Luisita tarlac)

This is one of the finest 18-hole par 72 championship courses in the country. Its most interesting features are water. Eleven of its 18 holes have well-placed water hazards, the most awesome of which is at hole 17.



Mimosa Golf and Country Club (Clark Airbase, Angeles City )

Tiger Woods played in this 86-hectare rolling terrain set against the backdrop of mountain ranges. It is a championship course composed of three distinctive nines: Acacia, Lakeview, and Mountain View.


Puerto Azul (Ternate Cavite )

Is a par 72 course that is one of the most scenic in the country, proud of its very famous combination of mountain and sea. It is a signature hole number 17; par 3 holes delineated by one of the deepest water hazards in the Philippine Golf- the China Sea.




Sherwood Hills ( Trece Martirez City , Cavite )

Sherwood Hills is another signature course. It is an island-links type course with wide tairways and a good size of greens suitable for very relaxed and leisurely rounds of the game.




Sta. Elena Golf Club (Sta. Rosa Laguna)

It is a 27-hole-all-weather championship course. The 120 hectares of gently rolling terrain gave the designer the opportunity to create a number of memorable holes that wind their way through the natural movement of the property.




The Tagaytay Highlands

Is a par 71-championship course that will surely put a golfer's power and accuracy to the test. The difference in elevation between the last and the first holes of each nine is so dramatic that a cable car system is in place to ferry golfers from the 9 th and 18 th holes to the 1 st and 10 th tees.



The Evercrest (Nasugbu, Batangas)

A course, which has tight fairways, blanketed with Tifton grass and guarded by steep hills and deep ravines to give golfers the thrill of playing a par 72 championship course.




Valley Golf and Country Club ( Antipolo City )

Rated at par 72, this 7,097-yard spread of exhilarating greens, rolling hills, and meandering brooks can make golfers use the majority of their clubs, the mark of a true championship course.




Philippines a top 10 offshore destination


Philippines is among the top 10 offshore destinations according to a recently published study by A.T. Kearney
Philippines is ranking among the top 10 offshore destinations according to A.T. Kearney's Global Services Location Index which was published on March 15, 2007.





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